Top 8 things to consider while choosing a venue for any event

Top 8 things to consider while choosing a venue for any event


Choosing a venue to hold an event is the biggest and the most confronting decision one can take as it is one of the prime factors which impacts the event directly. To make sure you have a pleasant experience throughout the event, you must go through the following checklist. This can help you narrow down the choices also. Though this might sound a little intimidating but it is not the case. Trust, it is the best way to make a successful venue selection process. Hyderabad is a beautiful city and luxury convention center in Hyderabad complies with all the below discussed aspects. Let us go through the basic guidelines about deciding a function hall booking.


  1. Location


Though this is an obvious point as you must have already considered this. But for those, who haven’t, please see to it that the venue should be easily accessible from all major points of the city including airport, railway station and the guest’s stay hotel. Also, keep traffic into consideration. Choose a venue that is slightly away from the traffic bustling roads so that reaching out to the venue does not become challenging. The venue should be easily locatable on GPS maps.


  1. Parking


Auspacious parking


Venue should have easy and enough parking to encapsulate the guests. It should also have a facility of valet parking to ease out the time-consuming parking process. Also, ensure that there are enough drivers so that there is less waiting time and it speeds-up the parking process.


  1. Capacity


Based on your expected headcount, you can choose the function hall. Sometimes taking a big hall for a smaller audience just spoils the mood, and vice-versa. Also, see that there are fire and other safety arrangements for emergencies.


  1. Services and Amenities


Check for at least basic services and amenities like kitchen, table, chairs, linens, decoration, AV equipment, CCTV and staff for cleaning & overall management. These are just the basic requirements that every convention center should possess.


  1. Layout


To narrow down your selection, check the layout of the venue including the floor plans, parking, location of amenities, flow of traffic, etc., as all this greatly affects the event. The layout should not be confusing for the guests after they have reached the venue.


  1. Ambiance




Pay close attention to the existing decoration inside the venue. See if it matches the flavor of your event or if it can be transformed into something tasteful. Ambiance plays an important role as it should coincide with the desired feeling of the event to make it successful.


  1. Acoustics


Avoid places where echo system and acoustics are not in place as it becomes very hard-hitting if it is a music event. Poor acoustics create a bad impact on the guests.


  1. Cost


If you are flexible with the event date, you can crack great deals with the venues. For example, if you have open date choices, you are more like to get discounts on pricing. The earlier you book, the better offers you will get. For this, you need a prior booking. Also if the season does not matter much to you, then you can go for off-season booking as that would be the cheapest deal you can have.


In a nutshell, you need to have a good understanding of your desired budget, event size & space requirements at the primary level. Once you are done with this, you can start the next level detailing to reach your goal. For all of this to happen perfectly, you must ensure you are thorough with the above points. To ensure seamless planning, book the venue 4-6 months in advance to stay within the budget and sail smoothly in the other critical matters like catering, decoration, guest lists, cards, brochures, etc.


The Auspacious hall in Hyderabad is a multi-facility convention center that has ample space and uses the test technology required to host a successful event. Their staff is well-trained and skilled with the professional expertise to cater to all type of events. The design of this place is such that it well-utilizes the space and gives the best to its clients. It can organize events from small to large-scale without any limitation in services. Thus, it is one of the best convention centers in Hyderabad.

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