wedding banquet hall in Hyderabad

How to have a lavish glittering wedding within a fixed budget


India always remains to be a popular choice for weddings not only for its residents but even for NRIs and foreigners. Weddings have become larger-than-life event today and have become a major expense for all families. The reason being the choice of having a dream wedding concept. To justify this demanding concept, the venues are becoming awfully beautiful but the exorbitant costs are taking a toll. But the shooting-high prices are forcing the audience to choose alternatives that can suffice the needs at a lower cost. Also, with the general economic slowdown all over the world, people are thinking about cutting-down the show-boating culture. With the skyrocketing prices of wedding arrangements like lawns, décor, catering and all other glitz, people are managing weddings with smaller guest lists to make it an affordable affair.


For that reason, people are opting for destination weddings to exotic locations with a desired limit on the guest list. But honestly, that does not help them save a penny. It becomes all the more expensive to take care of each and every aspect related to the wedding. Since it is a destination away from your home, you will certainly have to hire an event management company to join all the dots. But in the end, you realize that everything sums up to be a fat wallet affair.


But here, Hyderabad has good news! Having these function halls in Hyderabad is simply cherry on the cake. With the availability of commodious wedding banquet halls in Hyderabad, organizing marriage event with depression-proof budgets has become feasible. The idea to conduct weddings in convention halls truly promises a bijou experience to the client’s budget. It comes like an all-in-one package at a subsequently low cost. The best part of these halls is that they can accommodate thousands of guests and cater to all kinds of nuptial ceremonies. They can organize functions of different themes and flavors all at one venue with convenient makeovers. These halls provide a perfect backdrop for any kind of celebration conducted at any time in the year. Regardless of the weather, you can organize and conduct ceremonies.


wedding banquet halls in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is a beautiful city with lakes and terrestrial landscapes all around. These convention halls in Hyderabad offer an enchanted wedding experience that can be cherished forever. You can get worthy deals on these halls if the booking and other arrangements are done much before the required date. This can give you the best deals and excellent savings without any need to cut-short the wedding guest lists. Apart from attending the wedding, the guests can also enjoy the land of Nawabs which owes much of its fame to the rich historical culture of Nizams. It isn’t hard to deny when Hyderabad is often referred to as the New York City of India. Be it the young crowd, racing lifestyle, modern-day style, rich culture, local flavor, historic monuments, IT corridors, delicious food, or the vibrant population, all these glories give enough reason to attract tourists from all over the world for exploring this beautiful city.


Auspacious is a convention center situated in the heart of the Hyderabad city, offering roomy halls where you can beautifully conduct market-savvy marriages. With its grandeur and vast stretch of lush green lawns, unforgettable moments can be captured. This place has a unique aura that mesmerizes the whole wedding experience with its beauty, location, and offerings. Auspacious not only caters to weddings but also conferences and other events through its exclusive lounges, huge banquet halls, luxurious suites, acoustics, and gourmet. There is also a valet-parking facility to ensure a chaos-free celebration. With their in-house catering and decoration services, the client can get a great deal for the complete package and will not have to look out for venders for every small task. With everything under a single roof, one can easily control the running-up wedding bill and celebrate full-heartedly.

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