Luxury banquet Halls for Wedding, Birthday, Special Events & Parties


The reveal of the hall as guests enter creates a feeling of awe and wonder which can be seen in the eyes of the guests as they look up. You will feel as though you’re on a stage and at the center of attraction amongst a multitude of guests, and wondering how a place so big, effortlessly blended into the vision you had, while still retaining its grandeur. Magnum also known as the luxury banquet hall for marriages, is the venue we all dream of, and now you have it for yourself.

Area: 20,000 sqft
Hall Size: 2000+ guests
Height: 25 feet
AC/Non-AC: centrally air-conditioned


Ultra is the perfect fit for all the occasions of medium scale, be it weddings or huge birthday celebrations. You can enter ultra through the grand main entrance or through the adjacent lawns. Once you’re in, you’ll see that it fits right in the grand scheme of things.
Hence, we say, “It fits right in, yet it stands out.”

Area: 12,000 sqft
Hall Size: 1500+ guests
Height: 25 feet
AC/Non-AC: centrally air-conditioned


Opus is ably suited to host special parties, occasions and truly personalized celebrations while providing a full spectrum of services. Whether you have an intimate party of 10 or 100 of your closest family and friends, we have the space to make a memorable success, nothing less than perfect. Thus, a giant tribute to small parties.

Area: 3,000 sqft
Hall Size: 150-200 guests
Height: 15 feet
AC/Non-AC: centrally air-conditioned

Embrace the wide open spaces


Throw up a lavish outdoor bash on the expansive lawns abundant with vibrant greenery. Two lush green banquets, gardenia and symphony replete with all the facilities of the inner auditoriums plus the irreplaceable feeling of fresh air..!!!
With formal grounds of manicured lawns, you will be immediately immersed in a secluded, private and serene setting away from everyday chaos, enjoying each of your worthwhile moments.


You can spread your event from the halls into our lush green lawns, making the most of both of these spaces. They provide the privacy that you expect along with freenes that you desire making it a much more convivial enviroment for your event. Hence you’ll be having with you a perfect location with both indoor and outdoor facilities, in an all in one easily accesable, yet discreet location.


Our brides and grooms are offered complimentary suites for the night of their wedding. Each of the rooms includes their own private bathroom, beds, wardrobes and required furnishings and provisions of a top-class hotel and with provisions of all modern facilities for today’s lifestyle.


Additional rooms are also made available at their discretion for their closest family and friends. All of our rooms maintains rich character and authenticity with subtle interiors and unique decorations. After a night at our Auspacious suites which have a quiet charm all on their own, you will truly feel transported to another place and time


Auspacious’s kitchen is led by classically-trained chefs and will present you and your guests with remarkable and indulgent offerings as memorable as our venue itself. With an immaculate kitchenette and hygienic environment, we provide a delectable menu, making every dish a worthwhile experience.


With a wide parking area of over 500+ cars and valet parking services and easy pick-up and dropping points, you will have a hassle-free entry into the venue.


We provide unconventional and highly modern hygienic washroom units of ample ventilation and ergonomic toilet furniture.